epsilon scares me now 

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no she didn’t…


no she didn’t…

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The one thing I hate about weekends are how crushingly alone they make me feel. Of course nobody would notice since I’m at home all the time

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olaf mark7

what the flying fresh fuck in all of the seven fucking realms is this

wha ttrh efucking shit is this

I think I’ve had enough internet for a night

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I think this is applicable to just about everyone on the planet. Growing up is hard…very hard, and its painful to look back and see just how much sacrifice growing up takes.
Its even harder when you know you were someone else’s sacrifice.


I think this is applicable to just about everyone on the planet. Growing up is hard…very hard, and its painful to look back and see just how much sacrifice growing up takes.

Its even harder when you know you were someone else’s sacrifice.

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Regeneration outtake.

(Disclaimer: I love Capaldi)

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#zuko is into that kinky roleplay shit

50 Shades of Honor
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Angelica summing up what having responsibilities really means.

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Bandou gets the gist of it even faster than Tsukasa

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jade picture not made by me! (i unfortunately can’t find the artist who made it so if anyone knows please message me!)

i have finally and happily reached 1000 followers! i am absolutely excited for this number and surprised i’ve even reached this amount anyway! 

most of you will probably already know what the big prize is since i have talked about it in posts with teasing spoilers and all that, but i added two other things considering i thought: ‘hey! lets make it harder for myself! but who the fuck cares? 1K FOLLOWERS!’

despite not even me finishing the other giveaway prizes for the last winner of my art giveaway celebrating 700? 800? ???? followers, i’m only doing one drawing for the winner. and considering i have some extra money left that i don’t think i will try spending in the next few weeks, i thought i might put something in as well for my roosterteeth fans!

anyway, but thank you SO SO much for this big fucking milestone! i never would have thought i would have made it passed 100 followers, and only in january i only had 600 followers! so this was a big step for me as i’ve reached 1000 followers from day 1 (august 29th) to today (july 30th), and it isn’t even my 1 year anniversary yet! so i thank ALL of you beautiful people that has stayed with me at my roleplaying, weeaboo days and i still love each and every old-school follower and new followers! so thank you so much for this, i can’t believe that a lot of people still like my trash blog and trash me ;u;

so let’s get on with it!


  • reblogs and likes count! you can only reblog five times to try and reduce spamming for your followers
  • giveaway blogs are allowed! (since i understand you don’t want to spam your followers with dumb posts and such, as long as i know what your personal account is ;u;)
  • you don’t have to be following me! but if you do, i’d just give you an extra lil surprise in the giveaway ;u;
  • WORLD-WIDE SHIPPING! even though i live in the uk, i will pay for the shipping! even of you’re in antarctica!
  • giveaway ends at september 1st


  1. WACOM CTL-470 BAMBOO TABLET + PEN! this prize has only been used three times, but hardly as much considering i do not use a tablet for my drawings. it is in fair condition, but the box it was in is a mess so i’ll make my own cardboard thing c:
  2. ANYTHING FROM THE ROOSTERTEETH STORE, whether it’s cds, shirts, outerwear, or just cool shit i’ll get it for you! as long at it is under $35 or £20, you are able to get multiple things as long as it is under the maximum price i only have ;u;
  3. IF YOU’RE NOT A ROOSTERTEETH FAN, I WILL GET ANYTHING FROM YOUR FANDOM STORE OR ANYTHING FROM ANY STORE! again, as long as it is under the dollar/pound limit! from team crafted, to homestuck, to mcyt, to anything! i dont care as long as i can afford it!
  4. then a slapped in fully coloured and shaded, detailed drawing for anything! as long as it IS NOT nsfw. i do not do backgrounds nor animated stuff either. i can do headshots, bust or full body!

if i have missed anything that you need to know about the giveaway, tell me in my inbox and i will add it in or answer it for you!

so good luck everyone! <3!!!!!!

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Sunblade Elf
Lucas Graciano
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Wash and Carolina sighing when Tucker starts asking Sarge and Donut if they knew a fed in green accented armor who was kind of dumb, spoke a little like this, used snowmen for target practice. Was he nice? Was he friendly? Did he have a family?
Did you know any of the Feds…

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Otakon Baccano Photoshoot- Featuring Nice Holystone

Photographer: animepie

Cosplayer: me :D

excellent work on the burns :D

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